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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we are following developing news happening. a frightening home invasion robbery. a family tied up and robbed in the middle of the night. >> kathryn. chase. jesse. >> remembering the victims of the connecticut scoot massacre. the pledge the president made to the family. >> a closer look at the security measures at schools in california in the wake of the connecticut shooting. we'll tell you what one school in san francisco is doing to honor the victims of sandy hook elementary school. light rain right now and wind. this looks like a very active week. not only rain but very cold reading ifs upcoming up the second hour of the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's monday, december 17th i'm dave
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clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. we'll have a lot of rain. >> between we will have pretty cold air. colder than last weekend. you told me you were cold last week. you will be really cold tuesday night into wednesday. there is pretty steady rain out there. nothing too heavy. it will be with us through the morning hours and giving away a partly cloudy mild breezy day. 50s and 60s more on that cold air in five minutes. san francisco traffic looking pretty good approaching the 80 split. wet weather will make for a tricky commute on a monday. moving along and taking a look at the commute here on the toll plaza, metering lights on early. there is a delay past 880. now let's go back to the desk. in developing news we begin with a scary story. a family was tied up and robbed in a home invasion in san francisco. it happened at 2:00 this morning in the sunset district a few blocks from the zoo.
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police tell us here that three masked men entered a home, tied people up, robbed them and ran off. fortunately we hear the victims were not hurt. now we are getting some more information right now. ktvu brian flores gathering the information. he's going to bring us an update in a few minutes. on sunday the president and more than 2,000 people came together for memorial service to remember the victims and first responders of the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. [ applause ] there was a standing ovation for law enforcement who were able to help get dozens of children safely out of the school. president obama read the names of the 20 children who were killed. he says he's going to do everything possible to prevent shootings like this one from ever happening again. >> i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow.
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nor can they heal your wounded hearts. i can only hope it helps for you to know that you're not alone in your grief. >> outside the school and around newtown, there are memorials candles and teddy bears left by people who have traveled miles to honor the victims. there is new details about the gunman in friday's deadly elementary rampage. authorities now say the gunman was heavily armed. he fired hundreds of arms of ammunition and died with hundreds of rounds that were never used. in addition to having an assault rifle and two handguns, authorities say he had another shotgun in his car. some of the shooting victims were shot as many as 11 times. the shooting as you can imagine is effecting parents and kids right here in the bay area. tara moriarty is live at st. cecilia in san francisco this morning to talk more about how the students will honor the
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victims today. tara. >> reporter: students here plan to wear blue and gold today and those are the school colors for sandy hook elementary school. now of course on the minds of many administrators statewide is the issue of security. you can see behind me here there is a fence and it's obviously designed to keep intruders out. if someone tries to get in it'sable how far they can get. the superintendent expects new dig cushions -- discussions. >> you can try to bash wire fence every campus and put metal detectors at every entrance, but how much would that cost and how much would that take away? >> reporter: some parents point out that sandy hook elementary school had a locked door into the school. but the gunman shot his way through it. state legislatures say schools like any civic buildings or public places are vulnerable
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because they are accessible. >> theaters. schools. any place it seems like. just violence in our culture and gun violence imparticular. i think we do have to have a really honest discussion. >> reporter: as important as security the superintendent says it's how awareness and training may have safed lives -- saved lives in connecticut. after the shooting in columbine they started doing drills. hopefully we get a chance to talk to parents and students so they'll let you know what they think about all this. the connecticut school shooting has reignit nited -- reignited the gun control date. dianne feinstein will reintroduce an assault weapons ban. there are some lawmakers saying giving more funs to people is the real answer.
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stay right here with ktvu for more coverage of the school shooting rampage. we'll bring you the latest information as we get them online and on the air. one person is dead after being hit by a train in hayward. that happened at about 8:00 last night on west blossom way near times avenue. it's not clear if the train involved was a passenger or a freight train. the investigation is still under way. police think this might might be a suicide. time is 6:06. a richmond man will be formerly sentenced to death today for fatally shooting his exgirlfriend and another man at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza in 2009. during his trial nathan repeatedly said he had no remorse and that he preferred the death sentence instead of life in prison. prosecutors say burres killed his exgirlfriend toll taker debra ross and transit driver because he was jealous about their relationship. also today a hearing is scheduled for the san rafael man accused of shooting at a couple in mill valley and
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stealing a luxury car belonging to food network jeff guy. lawyer for max wade will argue there is no connection between the two alleged crimes they should not be included in the same complaint. prosecutors say he -- and fired shots at a truck he was riding in when he rejected him. it's almost like an early holiday gift. bay area gas prices continue to drop. east bay averages a penny more and in san francisco the average is $3.63. usually california gas prices are 40-50 cents higher than the national average but right now we're only 25 cents higher. be careful driving wherever you are. it's wet. and sal, you're talking about crashes already. >> we have crashes in the south bay and a bunch of minor ones here and there along the roads. first of all let's take a look at northbound 101 at matilda
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avenue. still clearing a crash that was blocking to lanes on northbound 101. it's still early. the backup has not grown into san jose. as we tilt the maps up to hayward city still a decent drive but wet all over the place. if you are driving in contra costa county highway 4 is a little slow. it's okay in bay point. and 680 still looks good. let's go out to the toll plaza of the bay bridge and put the metering lights on early. more crowds and traffic stalled vehicle that kind of thing. nothing major but i think you need to get on the road early if you try to get in san francisco. speaking of san francisco northbound 101 traffic does look good approaching the 80 split. now let's go to steve. on this monday morning we have rain. in fact i heard from nicole she is in the marina. took the dogs for a walk. the dogs are wet. windy, rain. light rain. it's not a heavy rain. that will be later in the week. sun, clouds, wind. very windy out there.
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yet the cold air starts to work its way into tomorrow. very cold. colder than last week? yes. i think so. tomorrow night into wednesday morning. partly sunny. rainy pattern starts thursday and goes into sunday. mountain snow. this will be a colder pattern than we had two weeks ago, three weeks ago. we're getting light rain. last check i saw truckee had rain and snow. it's a straight what we call west to east direction. it's kind of a warm sector over us. it's giving us plenty of light rain. just heard from khloe up in clearlake. 44 clear. very windy. windshield putting it down around 45. but it's a sign of things to come. there are signs of san pablo bay. hidden brook. all the way out to fairfield. even vacaville. a little out to the east bay. a lot of these cells are just not being picked up by radar. the beam goes right over. closer to the sight santa cruz mountains you can pick that up.
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50s on the temps. really because of that southeast wind but everything says this will be the warmest day of the week. 49 ukiah. 46 tahoe. last week we saw single digits. that is not the case here this morning. this will continue for the morning hours and then we'll get a break when i draw your attention to really cold air. 50s on the temps or low 60s. a lot of the highs will be set very early. i think before noon. colder or windy on tuesday. really cold wednesday morning. and then big low drops in and sets up and parks itself. which means a series of systems coming in. back to developing news this morning in san francisco we are learning about a home invasion that happened just a few hours ago. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is out near the scene with more on what happened. brian. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here on the 1600 block of slowed boulevard. behind me still pretty much an active crime scene here tonight.
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this morning actually. one san francisco police unit still here investigating this home invasion robbery that happened early this morning. still limited details on what happened. according to san francisco police the robbery happened sometime around 2:00, 3:00 this morning. we understand that three men three robbers actually entered the home wearing black masks. the robbers tied up the people living at the home. it's unclear if it's a family or not. the robbers tied them up and then robbed the home of its belongings. obviously still an active crime scene. unclear what was taken or the condition of the residents in the home. as soon as we have more information we'll pass it along. live in san francisco i'm brian flores. our time is 6:11. mountain lions are causing a debate in half-moon bay. why some are saying the rules need to be changed. plus parking in san francisco you know it's expensive but there is a way to save money. why some meters are cheaper than others. plus a threat at an elementary school puts this man
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in jail. what police say he planned to do and the evidence that was found in his home.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. later today an independent report goes to the state department about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in gwen gay city. secretary of state hillary clinton ordered the report. it's said to be the most
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detailed explanation yet about the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. congress will be briefed on wednesday. secretary of state hillary clinton was expected to testify on thursday before congressional committees. but that was canceled after clinton suffered a concussion. the state department says clinton passed out and hit her head after being dehydrated from a stomach virus. one person is in the hospital after a police standoff at a kansas home where a suspect accused of killing two police officers last night was believed to be hiding. swat teams fired shots and tear gas into a home in topeka. one person was hurt but authorities haven't confirmed if it's the suspected shooter. two police officers were shot and killed last night outside of a grocery store in topeka kansas while responding to word of a suspicious vehicle. a threat against an elementary school in indiana was made before the connecticut
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shoot masker. a man is behind bars. he is a 60-year-old man. he was arrested over the weekend. police say he threatened to set his wife on fire then said he was going to go to an elementary school near his home and kill as many people as he could before the police got there. police say they found 47 guns in his home. in the wake of friday's deadly school shooting. california senator dianne feinstein says she's on a mission. kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. senator feinstein is leading the charge on banning assault weapons. >> reporter: dave, senator feinstein says she will reintroduce a bill in january. the shooter in friday's deadly attack had an assault rifle now feinstein and other lawmakers want to reintroduce a ban that expired eight years ago. many republicans have not signed on in fact some are
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pushing for more people to be armed. texas congressman lou wee was on fox news sunday he said things might have been different if the principal had a weapon. >> when she heard gunfire she pulls it out and she didn't have to lung heroicically with nothing in her hands but takes him out. takes her head off before he could kill those kids. >> reporter: senator feinstein believes she will get much needed spot from president obama. what he said last night when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell. the suspect shot by a sunnyvale police officer over the weekend has died. police were called to a home at about 6:00 saturday night. officers say the man was assaulting his mother and that when two officers arrived on the scene the man charged add one with a hammer. that officer fired several shots at the suspect. the man later died at stanford medical center.
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animal rescue group wants the state to change its policies recording maintain lions. earlier this month two mountain lion cubs were shot and killed under a porch of a home. the cubs were a threat to public safety but animal rights groups are questioning that petition. east bay police warning you joggers that use a popular trail. woman said she was raped while hiking in alamo. coming up at 6:25 what the police are doing to protect people in the area. word this morning is actually getting cheaper to park in san francisco. at least in some parts of the city. the sf park meters are part of the season. the parking rate is adjusted. it's based on demand and location. the rates have gone down an average of 24 cents an hour. some offering rates of less than $1 an hour.
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a lot less than the rates of the old style parking meters. >> all right secret is out. 6:18 is the time. let's check back in with sal. >> we do have slow traffic today because of the wet weather we are expecting it that way. just because of the wet roads. let's take a lock at 80 westbound. and people are out early. they didn't know it was going to be a tougher commute. the metering lights were on early. now there is a crowd. and what commute on the way to the city. also if you are driving in concord, walnut creek and pleasant hill that traffic looks pretty good. if you are driving on northbound 101 still getting an accident until the south bay at matilda avenue. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we do have light rain out there. kind of a steady rain. misty, light rain. also very windy.
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cloudy, windy, light rain. the system will go through by noon. i think some of that will taper off. sun, clouds, breezy, mild today. this will be the warmest day of the week without question. really cold air comes in tuesday into tuesday night and wednesday morning. some snow in the mountains but it was 36 last time i checked. it's a mix of rain and snow and there. coming in west to east. it's a warm sector on the system that is giving us this rain. fairfield, cordelia, benicia, crockett. but again a lot of this is below the radar beam so it doesn't pick it up. around the san jose area but closer to saratoga. 50s on the temps. just due to that southeast wind. our temperatures have gone way up. tomorrow they will go way down. really because the cold air will work its way in a little bit today. there is already some up toward mendocino county and lake county. 50s on the temps or low 60s.
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in fact, i wouldn't be surprised san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy due to that southeast wind. so very mild conditions today. colder windy. really cold wednesday morning. then we start to focus our attention on rain. we kick in thursday. kind of a semi break. not a lot on friday. what looks to be a pretty wet pattern into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. for the first time apple is announcing how many iphones it sold in china. more than two million iphone fives sold in the first three days the devices were available in china. apple says that is the best debut for any iphone in china. cisco selling off another piece of its consumer unit. the san jose based company has hired barclays to sell its router unit. last year cisco got rid of the flip camera business as well. they plan to focus on the software and technology
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business instead. 6:21. there is an indiana jones mystery. who addressed a package to the movie character and why it may have been sent. and is it the beginning of the end of the holiday tradition in pacifica? why fire works might be banned.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. early next year san francisco will start testing new street light technology. the city is partnering with eight separate companies that will show how well their different low energy systems work. all the lights can be made brighter or dimmer through remote wi-fi controls that will be tested in downtown, presidio heights, and the sunset district. pacifica is planning a ban on all fire works. people light them on the beach on the fourth of july but don't clean them up afterwards. the city council is creating a task force to look into this issue. police in the east bay havish creased patrols in -- have increased patrols in alamo in a hiking trail after a woman claims she was raped. someone pulled her down from
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behind. she says the man sexually assaulted her and then ran away. >> we've had additional control patrols going on in the park both by helicopter and officers and volunteers on the ground. we've also notified the park rangers who staff on what occurred. >> he is described as a white man in his early 40s. he had short light brown hair, 5'10" and 180 pounds. university chicago officials are trying to figure out why someone sent them a package addressed to the main character of the indiana jones films. it contained a replica of the journal from the raiders of the lost ark film and no explanation. the studio that made the movie is not part of it. 6:26 is the time. we will stay on that mystery.
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sal is staying on traffic right now. >> that is right. it's wet out there, pam. it will be one of those days you need to give yourself extra time if you're driving through. let's take a look at what we have now. northbound 280 traffic does look pretty good getting up to highway 17 and no major problems. also the morning commute is going to be looking pretty good if you are driving on the sunol grade. southbound 680 traffic will be busy passing mission boulevard. let's go and take a look at the weather with steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. cloudy, windy, rain. a lot of this not showing up but some of it is from vallejo and benicia. and right there along interstate 80. you can see crockett and benicia. and down to the santa cruz mountains. it looks like saratoga and parts of the peninsula. and no doubt about it into the santa cruz mountains. 50s on the temps but really cold air is on the way.
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coming up next a funeral in newtown connecticut begins today. we'll have more on the search for answers as investigators try to piece together one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history. and we have new information from a home invasion robbery here in san francisco. who police are looking for and what was taken from the home.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they just rang the opening bell there. over on the nasdaq you can invest in cognac and liquors if you'd like. remi is on the nasdaq celebrating their opening. we'll have all the business news coming up. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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it's monday, december 17th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. >> we have developing news from san francisco. police out there searching for home invasion robbers. they just tied up and robbed people in the sunset district home. brian flores is out there right now. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. we have new information. we just got the homeowner here five minutes ago. we are live here in the 1600 block of slowed boulevard. this is where the home invasion robbery took place. several officers are here investigating what happened. again, we just got done talking with presumably the homeowner or resident that lives here. he told me this robbery happened at 2:00 this morning. he was watching tv and his wife was getting ready for work when there were three masked men that entered in through a side window. they were warmed and they basically tied up the residents
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that were living here which includes the person the father or husband that works here along with his wife. two adult children as well as a grandmother. they tied them up with electrical tape. according to san francisco police they told us they got away with $500 worth of cash. they got away with jewelry, purses, and other belongings. it's still unclear on who police were looking for. when we talked to the homeowner he said they were doing fine. as soon as we have more information we'll pass it along. live in san francisco i'm brian flores. the president traveled to newtown, connecticut to meet with victim's families and first responders of friday's deadly elementary school shooting. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. these tragedies must end. >> reporter: president does notably enough is being done to protect the youth of this country. coming up in five minutes we'll have a live report from newtown
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with a look at the president's visit and more on the unanswered questions police are still trying to find. we don't know yet when sandy hook elementary will reopen. when the kids do go back to school they will go to an unused school in a town about seven miles south of newtown. that school we understand will be ready to open by wednesday but no date has been set for the children to go back to class. police will be stationed at that school. one official says he doubts students will ever go back to sandy hook elementary again. time is 6:33. california state superintendent expects a lot of discussions about school safety after what happened on friday. 1100 all of the school districts are expected to be told to review their safety plans. many schools are thinking about putting new safety measures into place including cameras and guards and fences and in some cases metal detectors. >> i'm confident that california schools are safe and that our administrators are doing an excellent job in
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assuring the plans are fresh and up to date. >> some parents though argue that adding more security won't stop someone from entering a school. they pointed out that sandy hook elementary school in connecticut had a locked door into the school but the gunman shot his way through it. a local church is planning an inner face service tonight. the service will be at 7:00 at first presbyterian church in burlingame. local religious leaders and public school trustees will be there and that will include prayers, readings, and expressions of remembrance and expressions of hope. 6:34 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal for a look at traffic this morning. sal. >> pam, dave, you know it's wet out there. people will take longer to get to work if you are waiting for someone if you'd have to get on the road soon i would give say give yourself an extra 10-15
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minutes. it could -- the traffic is backing up into san jose. as you drive on northbound 101. i think 280 is a good alternate route. let's move along and take a look at the commute on 880 north and southbound. this traffic here looks okay. although it's a little slower and of course at the toll plaza it has been slow. metering lights came on just after 6:00. a little early for that. a lot of people are trying to get into the city early. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning. we do have light rain over us. this will be a very busy week. no putting the feet up on the desk for me this week. there will be a lot going on. today we get the rain and then the cold air. yes cold air comes in tuesday. really cold wednesday. and then a big low crops down sets up and it looks like a very wet pattern. details to be ironed out. sure looks that way as we head thursday. things are looking good as we go into this week and christmas week. right now we are getting some
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rain and snow. the rain is very light but it's there. back over parts of san pablo bay. and probably over to berkeley as well. richmond. nothing too heavy but it's there. mainly a little closer to the radar site. san jose things are picking up there. sarah toe that and last gators. very windy. very mild. that is a southeast wind. temperatures they warm up fast. there is pretty cold air to the north and already a little bit of cold air in the mendocino county and lake county. that will slide down here. the coldest air arrives tomorrow and it's coming right over us. light rain here. windy, mild pattern. but today will be the warmest day. tuesday we cool down. wednesday really cold. i mean we'll see overnight lows in the 20s. highs today in the 50s or 60s. mountain view in there. redwood city. a lot of these will be set
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before noon. colder and windy on tuesday. really cold wednesday. then that low drops in. rain moves in thursday. it will be a cloudy mostly cloudy day on friday. stronger system moves in over the weekend. we have rain but it's still snowing in the sierra. there is a winter storm warning through tonight. this is interstate 80 near the truckee scales. that is where it snowed all night. up to 16 inches of new snow expected to fall. mountains already had a lot of snow pack so far this year. and the ski resorts love it. that is great news for them. all right time is 6:37. hopping right now -- happening right now we understand the sheriff is speaking there in connecticut. we want to listen in for a moment. >> and the investigators will determine, how, when, and why. again we will handle that extremely delicately. yes, sir? >> any medical or mental health
6:39 am
professionals come forward to say whether they were treating adam lanza and if there are any out there with such information would you ask them to come forward? >> certainly, we would encourage anyone with information to come forward that can assist us in this investigation. when i talk about the weaponry and the historical analysis all the weaponry involved the same thing holds true with the suspect. we'll go back to the data. we will continue on through. we will answer every single question determining any kind of medical condition. >> we are listening in live to newtown, connecticut. a police press conference there on the investigation. certainly a lot of people out there wanting answers and they are also wondering how to keep their kids safe when they do return to school. as they search for answers, funerals for two of the victims will be held today. reporter rene marsh is in newtown this morning with a look at how people are coping following this just horrible tragedy. rene. >> reporter: hi pam.
6:40 am
you know just a tough difficult day here in newtown, connecticut. once again. especially with the burying of the two little boys. both of them six years old. it was just yesterday that the president was here giving words of hope and encouragement to families who lost a loved one inside sandy hook elementary school on friday. the nation continues to mourn the lives lost in the connecticut school shooting. today the first funerals will be held for two sandy hook students. six-year-old jack pinto and six- year-old noah pozner. >> we'll never forget. never. >> reporter: on sunday more than 2,000 people came out for a memorial service to remember the 26 lives cut short after authorities say 20-year-old adam lanza shot his way into sandy hook elementary and opened fire. >> we offer you our tears and our pain. our anger and our sorrow. >> reporter: president obama
6:41 am
traveled to newtown where he met with the families of the victims and spoke at the service. >> whatever portion of sadness that we can share with you to ease this heavy load, we will gladly bare it. >> the president praised the community for pulling together and said more needs to be done to protect our children. >> these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change. >> reporter: all right and pam. that press conference that you were listening into it's actually happening right to the left of me. still going on now. just a couple of quick bullet points coming out of this. they say that the crime scenes both here at the school sandy hook elementary school as well as at the home of adam lanza and his mother. those crime scenes will be in his words closed down indefinitely as they continue to collect evidence. they also say at this point they have several witnesses they still need to interview so
6:42 am
they are still interviewing witnesses and they say that they will be analyzing all of the weapons they found at the crime scene. pam back to you. >> all right rene marsh joining us there from newtown. don't forget stay with us here at ktvu news for continuing coverage of the connecticut school shooting and the investigation. we'll bring you the very latest details as they emerge on air and also online. time now 6:41. back here at home during the night a very strange rescue in san francisco. what firefighters did for a man who was stuck with no way out. an olympic gold medalist and oakland a's baseball players will be shopping at this target before the doors even open. the hundreds of kids who will get a christmas surprise out of it. good morning. east shore freeway some pretty busy traffic this morning as you can see. it's very slow coming down to the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll tell you what is going on and have another traffic update in minutes.
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good morning. we have rain. light steady rain. cooler air to the north. but today after the morning rain we will have partly sunny, breezy, windy at times. really cold air moves in. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. today funerals will be held for
6:46 am
two of the young victims in friday's deadly school shooting. yesterday president obama flew to newtown. he met with victim's family members and also first responders. the president is demanding action to keep children safe. california school superintendent expects a lot of discussion about school safety after what happened in connecticut. all 1100 school districts have been told they have to review their safety plans. and san francisco police are busy they are searching for three home invasion robber. three masked men who tied up and robbed a man in san francisco. it happened on slow boulevard in the sunset district about 2:00 this morning. the victims were not hurt. overnight in san francisco a man was rescued after getting stuck in a chimney. it happened at about 11:30 last night at presidio heights apartment. firefighters had to use special equipment to get him out. authorities say they have no idea how they got stuck. >> when we arrived we found one
6:47 am
person inside of the chimney here. we utilized the rescue squad. we had to break some of the bricks to remove enough bricks to be able to facilitate getting him out. >> the man was rushed to the hospital. police are not released information on his condition. kate middleton the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance after being treated for morning sickness. she had not been seen in public since leaving a hospital about two weeks ago. she is in the early stages of her pregnancy. meantime thousands are expected today at the funeral in india for jacintha saldanha the nurse that took her own life. authorities say saldanha committed suicide after taking a prank phone call from two australian dj's pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. the dj's that have made the
6:48 am
call apologized and never expected the call to be put through. signs of progress some in the fiscal cliff debate. house speaker john boehner reportedly offering to accept a tax hike on people who make more than a million dollars a year. that still is less than what president obama wants. he wants to raise tax rates on people with incomes of more than $250,000 a year. so john boehner is running the risk of angering some members of his republican party who are dead set against any tax hike. boehner offered to raise income tax rates depending on entitlement tax rates. 15 minutes from now an olympic gold medalist will help bring holiday cheer to bay area families that could use a cheer. ktvu allie rasmus is in colma
6:49 am
where they are taking part in the dig deep san francisco toy race. >> they just let us inside the target store where 15 minutes from now a major shopping spree is set to begin. this is this is before the doors even open to the public. you can see a couple employees getting things ready. this is organized by a nonprofit group based in san francisco called dig deep sf opinion the group raises money to pie buys toys for kids just for the holidays. they focus on older kids who sometimes get forgotten. kids ages 5-17 and the group is going to be bringing in some of their volunteers that will be arriving at the target store and they will be shopping for some of the gifts. this is void yes of their event last year. now dig deep raises the money. they shop for the toys and then turn them over to the salvation army who distributes them to kids. and this is video of that give away from last year. this year dig deep raised $50,000 to buy toys and that
6:50 am
ends up translating into $54,000 in purchasing power. because it is a nonprofit. they don't have to pay the tax on the toys. and some of their volunteers shop for elves include olympic gold medal swimmer nathan adrian. oakland a's baseball players. san diego chargers players. and other volunteers that donated $500 or more they get to do the fun part. they get to come here and shop for some of the kids. it's all set to begin in 15 minutes. live in target allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. 6:49 is the time. nice to have some good feeling news out there this morning. sal, you are covering traffic. what is going on? >> that is right. it's going to be a little slow because of the wet weather we've had just a lot offshore -- a lot of slow conditions. if you want to leave the house if you leave at 6:15, 6:05 why don't you try that. let's take a look at -- 6:05.
6:51 am
7:05. what am i thinking? 80 that traffic is already busy. what i was trying to say and i really messed it out leave the house 10-15 minutes early. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for 20-30 minute delay. the traffic will be slow. the metering lights were turned on early this morning. the only thing moving well right through there is the car pool lane. still clearing a crash in sunnyvale. however the traffic is already backed up well into san jose. i would use 280 as a good alternative for now. i know exactly what you were trying to say. >> thank you. >> we do have kind of a light steady rain moving through. there's been heavier amounts to the north. it's been windy. there were gusts about 40-50 miles an hour. we're looking at morning rain and sun, clouds. the cool air is still yet to come in. it will turn colder tomorrow. much colder. i'm giving you a heads up.
6:52 am
partly sunny. tuesday into wednesday. and then a rainy pattern develops thursday into sunday. and mountain snow. there is a little bit of snow up in the sierra. i just heard from steve bridges it's a rain and know-- and snow mix. there are elevations that are getting some. for us it's hard to pick up the radar. it goes just over the top of it. will ets an inch enand a half. santa rosa half inch. i did see about a quarter of an inch down in lexington. you can see a pretty good line forming there. back over toward cordelia and san pablo bay. maybe richmond and crockett. a little bit closer to the santa cruz mountains. things are a little bit more active. also up toward saratoga and los gatos. 50s on the temps. it's on the mild side but the cold air is on its way.
6:53 am
36 tahoe. that is why they are getting that rain-snow mix. 49 ukiah. there is cool air to the north. really cool air to the north is on its way tomorrow. that will be here tomorrow. today look for the morning rain. 50s on the temps. 55-low 60s for some. due to that southeast wind. colder and windy on tuesday. really cold wednesday morning. i mean i think we'll have lows in the 20s. highs in the upper 40s. then a low drops down. rain looks like taking us into the weekend. pam and dave. you have a heavy coat andy? >> i do. in case you didn't hear the 49ers are in the playoffs. more on the big game against the patriots. how they held them off despite a big comeback. get ready if you have to head to the post office it should be packed today. why their busiest day will be busier than last year.
6:54 am
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is let's see. 6:55. there we go. live to the big board. diogenes up -- dow jones up 70 points. lock your car in senator san mateo. at least four car breaks in in
6:57 am
san mateo since last week. all of the break-ins happened in the downtown area. a vigil will be held tonight in san rafael for a woman killed four years ago. ashley her body was found in the parking lot behind the fourth street tavern december 16th, 2008. police say she had been raped and strangled. she was last seen the night before leaving that tavern with a man. this is a case that is still unsolved. there is a $50,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction. today is expected to be the busiest day of the year for the u.s. postal service. the postmaster predicts 655 million cards, letters, and packages will be processed today across the country. that is because holiday shoppers spent the weekend to finish up. san francisco 49ers are playoff bound after a big win
6:58 am
in new england. now the niners had to hold off the patriots that made a 28 point comeback in the second half. patriots tied the game with seven minutes left but 49ers regain their lead and the next possession with collin's 38- yard touchdown pass to michael crab tree. 49ers will win the nfc west if they beat seattle on sunday. the oakland raiders snapped a six-game losing streak. they beat the kansas city chiefs 16-0 yesterday. no touchdowns were scored. the raiders won with five field goals from sebastian. time now 6:57. grab an umbrella. be careful driving. >> i want to mention the situation on highway 121. there is still delays because of an earlier crash. let's go right to the toll plaza it's been busy. it started getting byssuses -- busy earlier because of the wet weather. now let's go to steve. rain. some of the heavier amounts
6:59 am
have been to the north. parts of lake county as well. we have light rain over us it will continue for the morning hours. really mild but there is a lot going on this week. more on that in mornings on 2. also coming up on mornings on 2 it's the first day back to school since friday's horrible tragedy in connecticut. what bay area schools are doing to keep students safe. plus feeding hundreds of needy families this holiday in san jose. we'll tell you what is happening this morning.


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